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American sensing Inc.

American Sensing Inc. differentiates itself by two factors:

  1. ASI is owned and managed by Engineers with over 30 years of experience in aerospace, military, automotive and industrial sensor applications. We love talking to other engineers about their project and working with them to come up with a solution to meet their needs. Anything from high quantity OEM sensors, to custom low quantity or one-offs. No application or quantity is too big or too small for us. Anything for use ranging from the bottom of the ocean to multi-year space travel and everything in-between. Every transducer that leaves here was made under engineering supervision.

  2. Many of our products use a proprietary gauge design called 'iQuartz'. This gauge is p-n junction free that is inorganically bonded to the sensor substrate. This design allows for weld-free sensors down to 25 psi while providing as much as 20x the amount of output over standard strain gauges.

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ASI capabilities

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