Food & Beverage

MODEL 6050

non oil filled flush mount, high temperature, pressure transducer

Model 6050 provides accuracy of +/-0.25% FSO. Ideal for vicious media such as slurries, mud, food, asphalt and epoxies.

Ranges from 0-100 psi thru 0-5,000 psi

MODEL 6500

OEM mems Industrial Flush Mount PRessure transmitter

Model 6500 is flush mount constructed to meet a variety of applications. Multiple ports, electrical connections, materials, and outputs available.

Ranges from 0-0.1 bar thru 0-200 bar

MODEL 40tr

flush tri-clover transducer

Model 40TR is a flush face, non-clogging design with a 3A approved tri clover fitting. For food and sanitary applications

Ranges from 0-5 psi thru 0-2,000 psi