MODEL 2100

iQuartz monolithic PRESSURE SENSOR

Model 2100 is a monolithic OEM media isolated pressure sensor. Available in different materials with output up to 10mV/V, and bridge resistance can be as low as 350 ohm. A number of options available at competitive pricing.

Ranges from 0-50 psi to 0-40,000 psi

MODEL 2200


Model 2200 is intended for industrial OEM. Great for media isolation pressure sensor applications that require the low pressure measurement of liquids and gases. These use the latest in MEMS silicon sensor technology at competitive pricing.

Ranges from 0-2 psi to 0-2,000 psi

MODEL 3000

OEM Industrial MEMS Pressure Transmitter

Model 3000 is media isolated sensor intended for industrial general purpose OEM applications. Amplified output at competitive pricing.

Ranges from 0-2 psi to 0-2,000 psi

MODEL 3100

low profile, Low Cost Pressure transmitter

Model 3100 is specially designed for small and medium sized equipment applications such as booster pumps, air compressors and pipeline hydraulic systems.

Ranges from 0-.35 Bar to 0-50 Bar

MODEL 4000

oem Industrial Pressure transducer

Model 4000 is designed for industrial applications. Media sees a one-piece structure which provides reliable operation in harsh environments. Well suited for machinery, process control, automation, plastic and alloy injection molding machines, hydraulics, etc.

Ranges from -14.7 to 30 psi thru 0-10,000 psi